viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Richard Kelly Blogathon: 15 - 20 Agosto

Bueno, espero que esto vaya bien...

Se anuncia la Blogathon dedicada al joven cineasta Richard Kelly que irá desde el Lunes 15 al Sábado 21 de Agosto, donde se acepta todo tipo de piezas escritas (o no) acerca de su obra, tanto de director, como de guionista, productor, etcétera. Esto inmerso en el mes dedicado a Richard Kelly (Agosto). Los que quieran participar deben enviar sus colaboraciones al mail JAIMEGRIJALBAGOMEZ@GMAIL.COM para que puedan ser publicadas primero en este blog (pueden publicarla en su blog respectivo al segundo después si quieren). Se aceptan en cualquier idioma conocido por el humano y ustedes quedarán debidamente acreditados según lo que escribieron. Para promocionar este blogathon, por favor, usen los siguientes banners. Muchas gracias y los espero.

It is announced! The Blogathon dedicated to the young filmmaker Richard Kelly will go from Monday 15th til Saturday 21 of August. Here we accept any kind of written (or not) pieces regarding his ouvre, as a director, or a screenwriter, producer, anything. This is taking place in the middle of Richard Kelly month at this blog (August). Those who wish to participate shall send their collaborations to the e-mail (JAIMEGRIJALBAGOMEZ@GMAIL.COM) so that they can be published in this blog first (and then the second later you can publish it at your own blog place if you want). We accept any language known by the human being and you shall be adecuately credited by your writing. To promote this Blogathon, please, use the following banners. Thanks a lot and I shall be waiting!

5 comentarios:

Nathanael Hood dijo...

I'm thrilled that you're deciding to host a blogathon!

One quick may want to broaden your topic a little. Richard Kelly has only directed 3 films so far...that severely limits the amount of people who can participate.

If you expand the topic, I would love to participate!

Jaime Grijalba dijo...

It's minuscular, but that's the zinch!

Sam Juliano dijo...

Great news here Jaimie! I will be thrilled to post this on Monday morning's diary. I'll be checking in, and well know your abiding love for DONNIE DARKO.

Jaime Grijalba dijo...

Thanks! All the exposure is needed!

Anónimo dijo...

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