domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

#30 - Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

El video de James Rolfe para la Cinemassacre's Monster Madness puedes verlo aquí.

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Jason C. Marshall dijo...

Me gusta tu video Jaime! Me encanta que tu puedes hacerlo. I would be nervous as hell posting a video of myself reviewing a movie. But you look and sound great!

And I largely agree with you about this Halloween movie. I haven't commented on your countdown mostly because I haven't seen most of the movies you've been talking about, though I did see this one. But it is a great project that you have embarked on and you executed it with fairness (maybe too much fairness for some of these movies) and wit. Great job.

For the next video, though, please don't move around so much. I was getting a little bit of motion sickness.

Jaime Grijalba dijo...

Jason: ahah, I was a bit nervous on how it would turn out, I think it was alright. The camera work was like nothing I've done, just because of the camera style the movie uses, it was a commentary as well on the movie itself.