domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009

Zombies en Blanco y Negro, un clásico, una obra maestra

60. La Noche de los Muertos Vivientes (Night of the Living Dead) (1968)

"They're coming to get you Barbara!"

"All right, Vince, hit him in the head, right between the eyes. "

"All persons who die during this crisis from whatever cause will come back to life to seek human victims, unless their bodies are first disposed of by cremation."

"Civil defense officials in Cumberland have told newsmen that murder victims show evidence of having been partially devoured by their murderers. Consistent reports from witnesses to the effect that people who acted as if they were in a kind of trance were killing and eating their victims prompted authorities to examine the bodies of some of the victims. Medical authorities in Cumberland have concluded that in all cases, the killers are eating the flesh of the people they kill. And so this incredible story becomes more ghastly with each report. It's difficult to imagine such a thing actually happening, but these are the reports we have been receiving and passing on to you, reports which have been verified as completely as is possible in this confused situation."

"This is like the flood that happened during Noah's time, or the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah! We ARE being punished for our sins! The dead are rising, and Judgment Day is upon us!"

"That's my point! There's not going to be five, or even ten! There's going to be twenty, thirty, maybe a hundred of those things, and as soon as they find out we're here, this place'll be crawling with them!"

¿Necesito decir algo más?

PD: Se reabre la votaciòn, hubo un triple empate, hay tiempo hasta el viernes.

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