viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

The Sound of Music (1965)

Canción Marcial, por Jaime Grijalba.

Canto esta rima sobre "La Novicia Rebelde",
la película donde cantan y las montañas son verdes,
mi mamá la adora, pero a mi no tanto,
cuando cantan los niños me muero del espanto.


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Sam Juliano dijo...

Ha Jaimie!

Well, I must tell you that I grew up with this film, and in a very vivid and fondly-remembered way. In Fairview, New Jersey, where I have lived all my life (outside of Manhattan) we had a brand new movie theatre built in 1966, when I was a young child. The first feature they ran there was THE SOUND OF MUSIC, and it enjoyed a run of sic months! Needless to say I went there almost every week to see the film over and over (and over!) I developed a crush on Julie Andrews, and fell in love with the Rogers and Hammerstein score. The best song in that score is the love ballad "Edelweiss" which even haters of the movie concede is a lovely piece. But the Austrian scenery, Ted McCord's widescreen lensing, and a story that continues to hold the attention (even if sometimes numbing the mind) make this s beloved musical film that is as timeless as it's thematic underpinning.

Jaime Grijalba dijo...

Sam: I do understand the appeal, but my problem is that I don't understand musical logic. They have to be awesomely awesome for me to like.