domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

Looking back on the track for the Little Green Bag

14. Perros de la Calle (Reservoir Dogs) (1992)
Well I don't know why I came here tonight, I got the feeling that something ain't right, I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair, and I'm wondering how I'll get down the stairs.
You promised me today that you'd quit your boyfriend, I'd be the next one to ease on in. When she said, you are my sunshine, the part he always liked the best, when she teased him with a kiss and she said you make me happy.
I got it bad for you girl, but I don't need a cure, I'll just stay addicted, If I can endure all the good love, when we're all alone keep it up girl, yeah you turn me on.
And said, "Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?', I said, "Doctor, to relieve this belly ache." I said "Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?", I said, "Doctor, now lemme get this straight".
Last night I held Aladdin's lamp, and so I wished that I could stay, before the thing could answer me, well, someone came and took the lamp away, I looked around, a lousy candle's all I found.

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